Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hello 2010! We are so excited to have a fresh start at soo many things, including the blog. My goal is to post weekly and start the journaling shabang.

Check out this darling kitchen...Happy early Valentine's Rubee! JoDee and I gave her the fridge peice to the set about a year ago and it has most deffinatly... been a hit! It hasn't mattered to her that she only had a fridge. We bought it with the intentions to save our pennies(mulah) to buy it peice by peice because the set was soo very expensive. BUT!! I came across this precious vintage sink and oven and litterally about died! It is absolutly perfect! Loved it!! And obviously we couldn't wait to clean it up and give it to our little darling. She LOVES it! So this is what our missy has been doing these days-

Just wish I were that excited to play in my kitchen;) BUT!! 2010 is full of fresh new changes babe, I'm workin on it! Happy 2010 all!
p.s. I forgot to mention how I LOVE Lover's Day! My mama always made it special for us growing up so I plan to carry on the tradition. I ~ heart~ Valentine's Day! muAH!


All About Us said...

Cute post in her panties! she is darling. I love how girly she is. I need to come get my hair done so we can catch up.

JO said...

how fun, it looks like she really enjoys it. I will look forward to more frequent posts from you :)

Jaci said...

I've been trying to think of ideas to get Valentine tradtions really set in stone. Ladd and I have a few, but now the fun begins with kids! I love V day as well! Making people feel loved and special is the best!
Cute, cute Rubee in the kitchen! Priceless pics!
Let's try for that get together soon -k-??

Heidi Barson said...

SOOO cute!!! I love it! Rubee is so cute. I love V-Day to. My mom always did sweet things for us to. I think that we both had ROCKSTAR moms growing up. Love reading your blog and I am glad that you are going to keep up on it. ~HEidi

Christensens said...

HA HA She is ADORABLE! Man alive I MISS YOUR GUTS!!! Glad to see things are going great for you guys! But seriously...could she get any cuter?!?!?!? Good work have mad cute kid making skills! Love you!